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Double Yellow Dot (Extra Slow)  Ball Characteristics:

  • Plays a little slower off the walls than other brands.  Great for players looking for a ball that will not hang up off the walls and dies quicker off the nick.
  • Feels slightly more stable on the strings than other brands.  Excellent for players that want the feel of “The Ball” staying on the strings longer.
  • Exceptional ball for the professional, and better club player’s.  “The Ball” does what you want it to do.
  • Plays extremely well in warm courts and in high altitudes.

Single Yellow Dot (Slow) Ball Characteristics:

  • Plays consistent as other balls that are designated as slow balls.
  • Plays livelier off the walls than the extra slow ball.
  • Great ball for the average club player and player’s learning the game.
  • Plays better in a cooler court.

Red Dot (Medium) Ball Characteristics:

  • Plays like other balls that are designated as medium speed.
  • Bounces higher which makes for longer rallies.
  • Same size as other squash balls.
  • Great for players that are learning the game.

Blue Dot (Fast) Ball Characteristics:

  • Ball moves very quick in the court.
  • Has a high bounce for long rallies.
  • Same size as other squash balls.
  • Great ball for teaching, or learning the game.


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